• 29 Jan 2021

Review on Farmed Shrimp Production in India in 2020

India’s Farmed Shrimp Sector in 2020
Event: January 29th and 30th, 2021
A White Paper
The Society of Aquaculture Professionals
February 22, 2021


Society of Aquaculture Professionals (SAP) recently concluded a review of shrimp farming in India in 2020. In a series of virtual meetings held among industry stakeholders on January 29-30, 2021, the unanimous opinion was that farmed shrimp production declined from a record production of nearly 800,000 tonnes in 2019 to about 650,000 tonnes in 2020, a 19% drop. Earlier forecasts in meetings organized by SAP in 2020 were nearly 30%, so the actual decline was less than what was predicted. The present review also highlighted that while the coronavirus pandemic and related lockdown contributed to the decline, continuing production challenges due to a host of disease problems impacted the production quite significantly. Action by the stakeholders and the government is needed to address the challenges for the sustainable growth of the sector in the future.

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