Membership Registration

There are two classes of membership

  • Full Member shall be an aquaculture professional who holds an undergraduate degree or post-secondary diploma in an aquaculture-related discipline followed by two (2) years of work experience in aquaculture.

  • Associate Member shall be those individuals who do not meet the eligibility criteria of Full Membership, but wish to support the organizationa mission and activities.

To Become a Member

Please submit a completed application form and pay the fees. Applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee to decide the admissibility of the individual as a Full Member or Associate Member.

Membership Fees

  • Full Member: Rs. 500/Year
  • Associate Member: Rs. 1000/Year
  • Lifetime Member: Rs.10,000/- One time payment

Contact Information

Society of Aquaculture Professional Home Office: SAP
2 & 3, PKM Cross Street, School Road,
Mel Ayanambakkam, Chennai - 600 095
Tamil Nadu, INDIA