• 03 Sep 2020

SAP and GAA renew their Strategic Partnership

Society of Aquaculture Professionals and the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) have recently renewed their Strategic Partnership agreement.

The agreement allows both organizations to recognize and promote each other on their websites and social media and be involved in events and activities to promote sustainable development of aquaculture.

GAA seeks to enroll SAP members as its associate members free of cost and will offer those members who sign up free access to the first day of GOAL 2020 Virtual Conference in the first week of October.

SAP, formed in 2004, is the largest body of aquaculture professionals in India and has more than 500 life members. GAA is a global organization formed 23 years ago to promote responsible aquaculture practices through education, advocacy and demonstration. SAP and GAA agreed to become strategic partners in 2019 and co-hosted GOAL 2019 in Chennai and organized the first ever Farmers Day event, a virtual delivery of the first day proceedings of GOAL 2019 to over 1000 farmers at four different locations in India (Pondichery, Vijayawada, Balasore and Surat).